The FGB announces launch of the Ultimate Pro FootGolf Ball the U8

The Footgolf Ball Sdn Bhd, the company behind The FGB ball has recently announced the upcoming launch of their brand new Ultimate Pro ball the U8. 

With the success of their initial two balls, the Ascension Mach I and Ascension Mach II, which have sold over 500 units worldwide, the small team based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has spent three years in research and development of the new ball. 

“When we first looked into creating a ball specifically for Footgolf, one of our main points was to keep our price competitive, and a ball that will compete at the same, or better level than the Jabulani.” 

The Ascension was never intended to beat the Jabu, it was made for those new to the sport and needed an alternative ball to what was currently on offer. It paved the way for the Ultimate U8. 

“We always wanted to create the Jabu killer, and I think we’ve done that with the U8,” says Footgolf Ball Sdn Bhd Co-founder Jeffrey Cottam when asked what makes the Ultimate different from its main competitors. 

The Footgolf Ball Sdn Bhd Team. 

The science behind the ball

To most people, a ball is a ball, but to the experienced FootGolfer, the ball can make or break their game. Most professional players opt for expensive Football match-balls such as the Adidas Jabulani, Speedcell or the Teamgiest, but these balls were not designed with FootGolf in mind. 

Ball Material & Test Comparison
Material Details

Casing Material TPU 0.4mmEPU Micofibre 1.0mm
Material SurfacePlainTextured
Lining FoamEVA 4mmSpecial Rubberised 4mm
Lining FabricNOPV Fabric
BladderLatex bladder with fabric stitched coverNatural rubber bladder with fabric wrapping
Initial Test Results
Circumference68.72 cm68.61 cm
Weight429 gm425 gm
Rebound143.20 cm145.10 cm
Water uptake2.10%0.70%

So, what makes the U8 special? Well, it’s a mixture of science, a whole lot of research and a tremendous amount of hard work that went into designing and manufacturing it.

Starting with the basics, the U8 uses EPU Microfiber instead of the typically used TPU material found in low-cost/cheap balls. TPU is thinner and has no backing support whereas Microfiber is the material of choice for high-level competition balls. It is solvent free and an environmentally friendly natural material that has excellent hydrolysis resistance. 

The U8 also sports special rubberized foam which is used to give the ball an extra soft feel along with making an improvement in ball bounce which is a high priority.

To finish off the exterior, a fabric layer is used to strengthen the backing of the laminated cover so the ball retains its shape during play for a longer period.

The use of rubber bladders provide better air retention as compared to the more common latex bladders. And with additional, specially designed fabric patches wrapped around the bladder to provide the best sphere, the ball is then moulded after curing to give it an even, round shape, as well as superior precision in flight.

“Kicking the prototype of this ball made me realise this ball is a game changer….. time to hang up the 1000 Dollar balls”, says Steve Senyard, Australia’s FootGolf Champion. 

Steve Senyard seen holding The FGB Baby Pink after winning the Australian FootGolf Championship 2020

Steve has been a long-time supporter of The FGB winning two Australian Championships while using the Ultimate U8’s predecessors. 

The Ultimate U8 is available for orders via footgolfball.com and they come at a very affordable starting price of RM600. 

Stay tuned on The FGB’s social media (https://www.instagram.com/the.fgb/ & https://www.facebook.com/built.for.footgolf) and website (footgolfball.com) for further announcements regarding the U8 and other exciting developments.

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