Made by players with a passion for FootGolf!

When we first started to play FootGolf in Malaysia in 2018, we were much like everyone else, just using the equipment that was available to us. But soon we came to realise that FootGolf requires more finesse and accuracy, and it deserves an instrument specifically designed for the game. So, we did what any logical thinking pioneer would do. 

We engineered The FGB. A ball designed by FootGolf enthusiasts with a passion for the game!

FootGolf doesn’t require much. A decent pair of boots/trainers, a good attitude, a willingness to learn (and fail a lot) and most important of all, a good ball. This is where The FGB comes in. It’s not just a ball, it’s the perfect FootGolf Ball that has been designed and tested by professionals to have just the right amount of bounce; glides through the air unconstrained; and is versatile enough to get you out of any sticky situation. 

The bottom line is, The FGB Ascension Mach 2 will improve your game, whatever your skill level is!



Affordable for all!

As we started development of The FGB, we noticed the huge price point the competing balls had, which was quite a shock to us. So, we put our heads together and figured out a way to make not just the perfect FootGolf Ball, but also make it affordable to each and every player out there. And the Ascension Mach 2 was born!

An affordable ball created by the best in the business!

The JABU comparison.

The FGB has been compared with the JABU on a regular basis. And from the feedback we’ve received from professional players all around the world, The FGB is up there with ex-World Cup balls, traveling just as far as the Europass or even the Speedcell.

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